React – First steps

In the web we have a React official site, and it’s here where I started my experience with this framework.

The section is called “Add React to a Website” and it’s a first step for to know this technology, I would say “start crawling”.

1. We need an existing HTML page, I choose an example from Bootstrap in w3schools.

2. We add a DOM container in our page.

3. We add scripts tags for React, the example tells us that insert the code before closing the body tag.

4. This example it is very easy, they give us the code for like_button.js the eternal method “copy-paste”

But I am from “the old guard” and I write the code 🙂

You’ll see ! Javascript OO!
5. The last step is add two lines at the end of the code.

And we have our first React page …

You believe me, I am not a bad person but is better write the code, that’s why I show images and not codes.

Here the example in MiArroba site.

So long.

Teacher Miguel Araujo.

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